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Seriously, this whole updating thing is not my forte. I prefer Tumblr, frankly, but whatever.

Anyway, a significant amount of things has happened since my last update. For starters, let's go with the 東北大震災 that happened on March 11th, which is now the reason that I'm back in America, writing this at 7:00AM. Because of the earthquake (and ensuing nuclear disaster), UGA decided to pull the exchange programs with Japan for the time being; thus, I'm here, and probably won't be going back in the near future. UGA is allowing me, if I want, to go back to Waseda as a study-abroad student, but to be quite frank I was not impressed with Waseda's program, so I honestly haven't decided whether or not it'll be worth another $2,000 plane ticket and another four months of stupidly expensive rent to live in a hell-hole and be spoken to in English again because apparently I just look retarded.

I've written a paragraph and already lost the urge to continue this entry. XD Other things happened before the earthquake, too--Micah and I had just returned from a week long trip to Sapporo, actually, literally the day before it happened. I just don't feel like writing about it right now on Livejournal. So blah.

That's all I guess. Hello, America; goodbye Japan. Everything sucks.

We're exciting.

So, it's a New Year's Eve, and Micah and I decided to spend it at Mt. Fuji. Why? I don't actually know. I think last month when I made the reservation, I had made some sort of assumption that neat things would happen here that wouldn't happen at other places, but I was wrong--it's dead silent, and there's nothing happening. But! It's okay. It's calming, it's soothing, and it's stupidly cold outside.

Which is precisely why Micah and I are inside right now at 9:00 on New Year's Eve:

Clearly we are the coolest kids.

I mean, when we got here, the hostel did recommend a number of Izakayas in the area (that's basically a bar), but neither Micah nor I drink like whatsoever, so at night we've mostly been reading/studying/etc. It's way too cold to be out past sundown, and neither of us packed to prepare for this kind of temperature. Thus, the scene above.

Japan on New Year's Eve is extremely quiet, at least compared to Christmas. Unlike the States, New Year's Eve is the family-holiday (and Christmas is the date holiday), so traditionally New Year's is spent at home cleaning. I hope that last part can wait until a few days after the New Year, as I won't actually be home in my dorm until the 2nd. >>;

The town we're in at Mt. Fuji is nice, actually. It's called Fujiyoshida, and apparently its peak season is sometime in August (therefore not even remotely this time of the year). Micah and I have, so far, just kinda wandered around looking at things. Coming from places like Tokyo and Kobe, this most definitely qualifies as the country--we get the awkward "hey, there's white people" stare far more here. I suppose the fact that I carry around a DSLR probably doesn't help, but I get the "LOL TOURIST" stare and the "would you like English menu? :B" question in my own area just doing that. -_-

If we had a TV, we could be watching the NHK 紅白歌合戦, but noooo. Instead, I guess I'll just sit here and cry. ;_; Or read/watching Doctor Who with Micah. :D

Tomorrow, they tend to have festivities at temples, and we found a good one on our massive trek today, so we'll head back there tomorrow and get New Year's blessings, etc. Oh, and to admire the awesome temple architecture. I'm pretty sure I could just move in at a temple for a while and be perfectly content if I had enough literature and a piano.

Yeah, it's kinda like that.
Pig Time with Rhyme ^^

It's true, folks--

I live! I promise!

I'm...notoriously bad at updating often. That's pretty obvious. Anyway, a few recent things:

Collapse )

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Anyway, I feel like at the end of every entry I try to make some sort of promise about trying to update more often, but frankly that just never happens, so I won't even try this time. XD I realize that my dad reads this from time to time (Hi dad! :D), and doesn't know how to get to any of my other sites that I update more often (but usually in Japanese or something), nor does he use Facebook, so I guess he'll have to rely here. :D But just in case he can't read where I said hi the first time:


Alright, I'm getting back to watching House now.


So, yesterday was Thanksgiving here, or 感謝祭 (kanshasai) as it's pronounced in Japanese. I'm not actually sure why they have a word for it considering everything else is just written as a Japanese-ified version of the English word, but I digress.

I decided I wanted to have something approaching a Thanksgiving feast, so a friend and I walked (IN THE RAIN T_T) to the train station here where there's a KFC nearby and got like, a ton of stuff. Well, when I say a ton of stuff, I mean that it was rather expensive for what I'm sure would only cost like a couple bucks in the state, I paid what was essentially about $18-$19. BUT. It was worth it. Omnom.

Above, you see what constituted my tasty tasty Thanksgiving meal. On the left there are two Chicken Pot Pies with a tasty bread-bowl-esque crust, and on the bottom right, there's some drumsticks and breasts. Oh, and the drink on the upper right is called Acerola, and it's allegedly supposed to taste like cherry, but it really just tastes like the color red.

Oh, and I spent this Thanksgiving watching a variety show called ひみつの嵐ちゃん, featuring basically the most famous boy band in Japan. XD I mean, they have their own freaking JAL jet with their faces on it, and I think they were recently named official cultural ambassadors of the country. They're serious business.

I guess on that note, I'm done. XD Hopefully I'll write another entry within the month. I recently got back from Kyoto with Micah-face, so I'll probably make some sort of mini-update about that, or at the very least link the photo album or something. I'm far too lazy to put each individual photo up here, considering I take literally thousands.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! 
Doctor! :D


This isn't a a real update,  but whatever,  I don't care.

My new favorite t-shirt came in today~ :D

That is all. We will now return to our originally scheduled programming.


And it's raining. It's been raining in Tokyo for what seems like a year now (but really it's only been a couple of days). I blame the typhoon. And the Soviet ponies (but that's a given).

But not that one. That one is definitely like six years old--but that's definitely what a typhoon looks like.

I feel like at this rate, Tokyo is going to turn into some sort of tropical paradise. Everything is just so...moist (just typing this word makes me cringe). Maybe it'll dry out. Maybe I'll have to buy a row boat for transportation to school. Who knows?

The likelihood of me ultimately moving somewhere that has no sunshine and only sad rain clouds is frighteningly high, so hopefully I'll get used to just being kinda damp all the time. At least I sleep well all night~
FLCL kitty glow :D

An update! Yay!

Okay! I'm updating! This is it, happening, right now.

Well, what have I been doing? Honestly, not that much that seems worth blogging home about. XD Nothing particularly huge that I've felt the need to share immediately with cyber space. But, for the sake of keeping people updated, I guess I'll try to enumerate what I'm usually up to.

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Really, the best ways to keep up with specifically what I do are Facebook and Twitter. And sometimes Flickr. I'll do my best to update this whenever something interesting happens. XD For example, I probably could have updated when I went to visit Micah two weeks ago (but I didn't, derp).

Oh, but on that note, I did buy a bike today! :D It goes woosh.

I think that's it for now, though.


I had really and truly meant to actually update these shits today, but alas, a worthwhile update did not come to pass, even at the pestering of one Reptar Myers. Thus, I will make a feeble attempt at compensating for my inaction by posting a photo of an elephant informing people not to litter that I saw on a vending machine.

A more complete entry will be coming soon. Maybe.


Still here.

I knew this was bound to happen--y'know, the whole going several weeks without an update thing. But, at the persuasion of one Reptar Myers, I'm writing an, albeit short, update.

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And that's the gist of it, why I haven't been updating. I can't get better at speaking with people, and I'm not sure what to do about it.

Is this exchange just a waste of time?
Early death!

A Few Things

Wow, it's been more than a week since my last entry--apparently I'm doing a really awesome job of keeping this up to date (or something). Let's see if I can summarize what's happened since I wrote my last entry.

Last week, there was really only a few scheduled things for us exchange students to do; outside of that, we were left to our own devices to do whatever we wanted, really. I think some people in my dorm even went to the beach. >> Anyway, it mostly amounted to be wandering around the city and trying to get my Foreigner's Registration Card and sign up for the National Health Insurance, both of which are required by law with me being here more than 90 days and being a student. I tried Monday, but failed, because apparently Japan has random holidays I forgot about, namely "Respect  for the Aged" Day. I tried again Tuesday and succeeded (hooray!), and I rushed back to campus to attend our grand 早稲田大学国際教育学部入学式, or namely, the Entrance Ceremony.

I wandered to the auditorium, dressed in what I'd had on from the rest of the day. When I arrived, I noticed that there were -no- other people dressed as casually as I was, and there were no other SILS students anywhere. I wandered into the ceremony and sat in the back, deeply ashamed of my clothes, and promptly fell asleep during the entire ceremony. I came back to the dorm, dejected-feeling and ashamed, wanting to just jump into bed and cry and hide. When I entered the first floor, someone was like, "Hey, did you know the Entrance Ceremony was formal?" I quickly responded that I'd just found out because I just came from it, only to be met with a confused stare. In short, I went to the wrong one (derp) and the real ceremony for SILS students specifically was in half an hour, so I quickly changed and frolicked to the real ceremony, reinvigorated.

Outside the Ceremony, taken with my cell phone

That's mostly the big thing that happened this week. I have managed to meet people to hang out with (hooray!), so the dorm doesn't feel so isolated; seriously, my dorm, particularly my floor, is incredibly unsocial. Coming from me, that's saying something. But I met some people (and finally someone else that plays video games D:), so the feeling of me just walking around Japan in a bubble is mostly gone.

Oh! I went to an aquarium on Saturday. It was aquarium-tastic. Oh, and Book Off is amazing. I think that mostly summarizes the rest of the week. XD

I started class on Monday (hooray!), so I have more structure to my life now. They're -mostly- set up, I think... I have Intensive Japanese 4 on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays; Language, Society, and Culture on Monday; Ainu on Tuesdays; Translation: Practices on Tuesdays, International Journalism and East Asian Diplomacy on Wednesdays; Intellectual and Cultural History of Post War Japan on Fridays; and on Thursdays, I have my Japanese Language electives. The goal for the electives was to find something conversation-based, or at least that emphasized it, so I don't sound as much like a bewildered retard when I speak. Which happens a lot. Anyway, I'm going to choose whichever elective is mostly conversation, then go take the Miyazaki class meant for the level above me that's on Mondays. :D It'll be a nice challenge, plus I get to watch Miyazaki movies.

I think that mostly sums up my week for you ready folks. :D Time to go to class now~